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Hey folks,


I have a decision to make in the next couple of weeks between a Masters in Anthropology at Columbia and one in Chicago's MAPSS. I have a good understanding of Chicago's programme because MAPSS is a relatively popular topic on these forums.



Can anyone comment on Columbia's MA program who has gone through it? I'm aware it is unfunded, and Chicago funds applicants who they believe merit scholarship. I wish to compare the two universities both in terms of the reputation of the Masters programme and the onward chances of success at the PhD level. I'd also be interested to hear any thoughts on the strength of a Columbia MA in the job market within governmental and non-governmental organizations.


How much attention does the MA student receive at Columbia, and if anyone has been through this programme, how was their experience? Would they recommend it?


Any help with this difficult decision is much appreciated.





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I cannot speak from any first hand experience, only from others have told me on this board- and that is that for the MA students at Columbia, it has been a mixed bag. I tend to think that wherever you are, you will get out of it what you put in, and the squeaky door gets the grease as the saying goes. Like I said, I have no knowledge of this program and I've never attended or even visited, but going off of what I have been told is that the program is not built to assist MA students but rather to fund PhD students.


Again, I must say that I have NO first hand experience at all!  I would advise a visit, but if that isn't possible then try contacting students who have, or are currently attending. I did this while researching my own schools by using academia.edu. I found students and messaged them, most of which were delighted to respond to my inquiry. 


I hope this helps! Good luck with your decision.

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