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  1. Congrats AKC! Did you apply to MA or PhD programs? Sorry I missed where you specified.
  2. Congrats Nosleep! I'll be applying there after my MA!
  3. congrats daykid! I'm thinking of applying after I get my MA. Put in a good word!
  4. Great write up! It was exactly what I was looking for! Congrats on your PhD acceptances as well!
  5. From what I saw, stipends and such. There were numerous signs around campus talking about having a football coach that gets paid millions and not having enough stipend money to lure top notch grad students from other institutions. Money is a huge reason for the strikes. Although my TA was available Thursday, which was the strike day, I'm unclear if it affected all departments. I'm not sure what all the issues are about though either. But yeah, I know stipend money was big.
  6. Congrats Sarab! San Diego is such an amazing city as well!
  7. Thanks NOWAYNOHOW, As much as the program intrigues me, I simply cannot afford it. As a matter of fact, I am mulling the possibility of staying at UCLA for another year and completing a double minor. It could also very well be that I am experiencing anxiety about the forthcoming changes and having second thoughts on the actual worth of attaining an MA outside of the anthro specific field. The problem I see would be that reapplying for PhD programs this fall will likely present the same outcome as this season, as not much by way of application strengthening has occurred. I don't know, I'm
  8. wow, I'm not sure why Draper keeps popping into my head. Maybe I'm nervous about moving into a program that's not anthro specific. I'm beginning to be concerned with the Latin Studies Program and how far it will take me towards the ultimate goal of attaining the PhD in anthro. I know that Draper is not specific either, but at least there is a ton of wiggle room and extra time to develop a thesis. I'm getting nervous.
  9. I saw they stated that half of the students apply to PhD programs, and of that half, they have a 90% placement rate. Interesting. The price is still a bit high, and it's two years with the offer of 30% off tuition only good for the first year, the second year its full price at $50k. So $86k for the two years not including living expenses is tough to consider. Chicago is offering half tuition on a 1 year program. Uggh. I thought I was set on Hyde Park for the fall, now I'm thinking, "well, there's a shot I could still be in NY?" Frustrating. I have already placed a housing deposit, although
  10. So, who got the email this morning from NYU offering 30% tuition scholarship for entering students into Draper MA program? From what I understand it to be, it's a money grab program correct? I wish they would have offered it with my rejection to NYU's PhD program instead. I'm all geared up for Chicago at this point, but NY is still very captivating, as I have always been in love with it since my first visit. Regardless, it's not an offer of admission, but an encouragement to apply, and I really don't want to spend the money on a program that is only worried about taking my money. So thoug
  11. congrats all! I kinda just wanted my 200th post...
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