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CV formatting question - posters and publications


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This might be a silly question - but I have a handful of posters and only one publication (I'm still in undergrad, putting together a CV for jobs!). Would it be better to put everything together in one section titled "Posters & Publications"? Or have the "Posters" in one section, and then "Publications" in another?


I usually see separate "Posters & Presentations" and "Publications" categories on grown-up CVS :P but since I only have one pub, I don't know if it looks silly on the CV to put it in a separate section all by itself.


On the other hand, if I put them together under one section, I feel like it might come off as if I'm trying to mislead people into thinking I have a bunch of publications, when there's only one in there amongst the posters. 


Thanks for all the help!

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I have a section called "Publications" and then two subheadings "peer-reviewed" for submissions to journals etc. and "selected conference presentations and proceedings" where I list some* of my talks, posters, and non-peer reviewed proceedings.


(*I say some because for some work, I've presented it at multiple places [either two different conferences with different audiences or updates in later years] so I just include the most recent/most interesting version)

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