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Vanderbilt Divinity and Study Abroad?


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Looking through the VDS website, I can't find any mention of the possibility of study abroad for div. students.


Are there any current or former students on the board that may be eligible to shed some light on this? It's the weekend so I won't get a reply from the admissions team, though I can certainly contact them come Monday.


In particular I'm interested in opportunities that would foster inter-religious dialogue as it pertains to Buddhism. I spent the summer of 2008 in Tibet, along with two weeks each in Nepal and Myanmar. Ideally I'd like to return to these areas and work at acquiring some familiarity with the language of choice. That said, I would consider other destinations if these parts of Asia would be out of the question.

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So this is super late. There's some study abroad stuff. One interdisciplinary course puts professional students from across Vandy together (nursing, business, med, law, div) to think critically about social problems, then shuttles them off to places to put their ideas for solving them into practice. (I think the last few have been South Africa and…Nepal? India?) The Methodists go to England every other year. Folks go to the US/Mexico border.


But your best bet is the Imagination Grant, wishy-washy nomenclature notwithstanding. Up to $2500 to do research somewhere else during the summer. Some folks request a small amount and travel within the US; some folks request the full amount to head to places like Greece, North Africa, Iceland, England, India…So check and see if they expect this to remain in place in the future. I think the original Imagination Grant was endowed for five years, so we're coming up on its end soon. It was a huge success, though, so I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to renew it somehow.


The only catch is that the grant can't be used for tuition.

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