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HGSE Master's vs. Boston College: Curriculum & Instruction PhD Program


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Hi all,


I was recently accepted into the Curriculum and Instruction PhD program at Boston College. I was also accepted into the HGSE Learning and Teaching master's program. At this point, I'm deciding between the two programs.


My end goal is to obtain a doctorate, and I'm thrilled to have been accepted into the BC program. I love the school's mission, emphasis on collaboration, and I'm very excited about working with my would-be adviser. Yet I'm wondering (as irritating as the process would be) if it would be worth it for me to attend the HGSE program and re-apply to doctoral programs from there. How much would attending HGSE program increase my chances of getting into a top-5 doctoral program? I'm willing to take on the [large and horrifying] debt from HGSE if it would substantially increase those chances.


Any prospective, current, or former Boston College Curriculum and Instruction PhD students have any insight into BC's reputation in the educational community, and the C&I program itself? Or has anyone done the HGSE MA program ---> PhD program route? 


Thanks, everyone!



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The only reasons not to choose the PhD program would 1) Not a good fit or 2) No funding. MA program --> PhD program route is not guaranteed. Additionally, if you were to attend the MA, you will have to be on top of your game which in my opinion is a lot of unnecessary pressure. 

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