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Suggestions on Literature for Economics.


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Okay, maybe 'literature' isn't the perfect word for it.  I'm looking for both literature and educational material, maybe even textbooks, regarding Economics.  I'm looking to enroll into a Bachelors of Arts in Economics in the fall semester of 2015, and I'd like to read about the subject I'll be studying.  I was wondering if there are some specific economics bibles, Body of Knowledge, or anything that'll help me along my way.  I appreciate any attention, and suggestions, you give here.  Thanks!

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While I'm certainly no expert, a couple of thinkers I'd recommend are Jeffrey Sachs (read his book The End of Poverty) and Joseph Stiglitz (check out Globalisation and its Discontents). While you could argue they are 'niche' in that the books cover developmental economics, I found the simplicity of the language, the power of the narratives and universality of the themes to be accessible to pretty much everyone. 


Hope this helps!

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