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  1. I think the lack of alums from Jackson itself is a disadvantage compared to other schools, but remember that there are plenty of Yale International Affairs alums all over the shop.There are Yalies in some pretty high places in this field, even if they aren't Jacksonites. I think the small class size at Jackson is its biggest advantage because you get to know your classmates so well. It's so different to undergrad, where you know only a few people from your course. Here, I know all the 30 1st year students well - we went on an awesome team-building camping trip on the first weekend of term. It'
  2. I'll do my best! I don't know what everyone is on but lots of people are fully funded. I got half my tuition funded, which was the 2nd highest amount of funding I was offered from any program). I think they're trying to raise the level of funding even more next year. I think they're trying to be like WWS and fund everyone but who knows. The amount of resources once you get here are also great. For example, every student gets a pot of $5,000 for your summer internship/research from Jackson. Additionally you can apply for a whole host of other research grants from the MacMillan Centre. There is
  3. Yes there is. You can take any class from the Econ, Poli-Sci, Law (though not all), Environment, etc... schools. The program is what you want it to be. I'm only in my first semester (where we have a core curriculum) here but this is what I've found: - Howard Dean holds his office hour every week in the Jackson building and whatever you may think of him, is an interesting guy to talk to about issues related to the United States. - Our econ prof Zach Cooper taught our Intro to Micro Econ course using real data from US industries like health care, aviation, etc... to highlight policy
  4. At Yale they are pushing to fund all new students from next year onwards. Don't know whether it will happen but they are trying; so it will be like WWS. For now, most of my class is funded to a considerable extent, many are fully funded.
  5. I was in the same boat as many of you guys last year. Happy to help in any way I can.
  6. $75k from SIPA is crazy money. HKS is obviously great but do you really think you will get a similar offer from them? You might do. But a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. If funding/time is no concern then of course you can wait. Otherwise, go enjoy New York as one of the few SIPA students not massively in debt/bank-rolled by their parents.
  7. You're not underqualified! You *might* not get into Harvard/Princeton. But most people don't. You'll get something great, I'm sure! Re: LORs - Most profs are used to writing these. I would reach out to 1-2 of the profs whose classes you scored highest in / contributed to most discussions in, to let them know what you're doing now and give them a heads up that you're applying to grad school. They are used to writing LORs for students and should reply positively. Then you can send them another email where you refresh their memory with the marks you scored in their classes, the presentations
  8. I have an old iPhone 4 and I want to buy a new iPhone (whatever is the latest one out when I get there in late August) with a talk/SMS/data contract. Do they require some kind of credit history in the US? I assume I will need to open a US bank account before I can get the phone/contract? Therefore it seems like I will be phone-less for a few days until my bank account is open and I can get a phone + contract. Is that what any of you folks faced? Note: I am not an Apple fanboy / have no emotional connect to the iPhone - I just figure it would be easiest to stay on it since I'm used to
  9. Spent this summer there on an exchange program. Not sure about housing but try to get something that is near a U-Bahn or S-Bahn station (NOT a 'Regional' train station, as these trains are less frequent). We were staying in student accomodation Rahlstedt, which was not only far away from Hamburg, but almost a mile from the train station itself. I also would not recommend living in St Pauli / Reeperbahn, unless you like crazy/drunk people on your doorstep 24/7. Altona seems like a cool spot, actually. Harburg is a shit hole, avoid it. My favourite place to party/hang out in Hamburg was
  10. BBS? I'll be at the Jackson Institute. I hope orientation week is good!
  11. I'm a GSAS student looking at a dorm (don't want to spend money on furnishings for an apartment) which isn't too far from campus. Currently it seems that the two Prospect places are the best bet. HGS would have been good but for the mandatory meal plan. $2,400 for 150 meals comes to $16 a meal which seems massive for a student to be paying. At uni in England I did my grocery shopping at a supermarket for roughly $80 a week and cooked most of my food myself. I've heard American unis don't really have a "cooking culture" (compared to Europe anyway) but is it possible to buy decent ingredients in
  12. The 2013 and 2014 versions of this thread were a huge help in picking schools and tailoring my application. Hope this one helps future grads too. Previous Schools (Name, type, or tier): Top 25 (?) university in the UK. Exchange year in Germany. Few have heard of either uni. Previous Degrees and GPAs: BSc Business and International Relations - GPA 3.6 GRE Scores (Verbal/Quantitative/Analytical Writing): 162 / 163 / 5.5 Previous Work Experience (Years, Type): 3 years as a journalist with a brand-name business magazine. Had done 6 internships during school/college but none were relevant t
  13. Fletcher's admissions folks have been the nicest ever. No question. Personalised, warm, informative and quick.
  14. Wow. I think kingthearab owes me a beer now
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