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NYU Wagner or IUB SPEA?

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I am an International student  and was accepted by several schools for the 2014 Fall, and hope I can get some useful information here to decide which school to choose...  Thank you guys so much!


1. NYU Wagner.no funding.

But good at finance and the professor I am interested in send me an encouraging email about how Wagner can help me to make my life different as well as the connection Wagner has for both public and private field. But I am still not sure whether I can really secure a job there, and the tuition and living expenses are horribly high!


2. IUB SPEA (still don't know about $, but the letter said SPEA seldom offers $ to international students :( ) 

Honestly, I knew little about this project...I applied for IUB only because my boyfriend was accepted by it, and I wanted to stay with him...

I checked the employment data for 2010-2011 and for international student... it is not so good... especially I did not have full-time working experience.

So if I went to SPEA, I might probably applied for the Kelley, IUB for accounting as my boyfriend did.  But that school is really competitive, and I might not be able to get in...Also, I don't think SPEA will allow me to have a degree at Kelley at the same time, so maybe I will have to drop my degree of MPA or get to Kelley after my graduation.


Other schools got accepted are USC (half tuition), Maryland(??),Syracuse(??), UW(??).


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I am probably headed to NYU, if funding is an issue, you should contact the admissions office about asistantship opportunities. If NYU is your first choice, you should stress that to them. As far as the school itself, it seems like a very good school, with great networking and name recognition in the private and public field. I don't know much about IUB to give you any insight.

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