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How do I figure out the cost of each program?

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Hey all!


I am having a hard time finding out the cost of the various programs I have applied to. I can't seem to find it on the websites, and the time for decision is quickly approaching. I have filled out my FASFA. I have a couple questions I'd love some feedback from:


Is there a way to find out the cost of each program? Such as a general website which holds information such as ASHA edfind - or do we need to contact each specific school?


How will we able to see how our financial aid comes into play? Do I have to contact each school's financial aid department?


Any help is wonderful!! Thank you! Good luck to all :D

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Most schools have the estimated cost of attendance somewhere on their financial aid website, itemized by tuition, estimated living expenses, estimated cost of books, etc. You can also call the school if you aren't able to find what you need online. Financial aid is determined by individual schools, so you'd need to follow each school's financial aid policy to find out how much you'd be eligible for in terms of loans. In general, if you are a US citizen, have no criminal record, don't make a ton of money (and aren't married to someone who does) and don't have bad credit history, you'll probably be approved for a fair amount of federal loans.

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