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Two programs - one POI


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I'm sure I'm not the first person who's confronted this issue, but how do you approach your SOP when you are applying to two different programs in the same school, but the POI teaches in both programs? I will probably be applying to Harvard (both the ThD and PhD), Boston University (STH and GDR), and Duke (ThD and PhD), yet all those programs will have the same POIs within each school.


So how do you customize your SOP for each program, given the fact that the POIs are the same?

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I wouldn't change much about the POI but I would emphasize the different elements of the two programs and how each would benefit me and how I might fit into each.


Thanks! That advice is invaluable. I've been racking my brain a little to figure out how to write two SOPs with two different directions about the same POIs.


Would love other people's take on this as well.

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