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  1. Of course, all this could be easily clarified by simply contacting the programs themselves. I'm sure they would be very willing to give their perspective on their expectations.
  2. I always begin my comments with the disclaimer that I am not an expert on these things, but from what I understand - at all costs, do not send a paper that is longer than they are asking. So if they ask for 20, send 20, don't send 30 (I've even seen this explained on program websites and been told it by various professors). From what I've seen on here, they don't read these things with a fine-toothed comb anyway, and they probably aren't paying a ton of attention to whether you are uncovering some novel or revolutionary argument. They just want to see that you can write and put together a cohe
  3. I got a 162 on my V as well, but that was supposedly 89%. I really do think that's probably adequate - but what do I know! I did my MDiv at an Evangelical seminary.
  4. Nope. My V was 89% - though I'm assuming that wasn't the deciding factor in why I wasn't accepted (it also doesn't help that my AW score was not quite where it should have been either).
  5. So has anyone gotten an official letter yet from Harvard (either through CSR or NELC)? I'm still waiting!
  6. Yeah, I don't think it improves one chances to apply to both, but in my interactions with Levenson, he told me it is very common for applicants to apply to both - and he encouraged me to do that very thing (though I only ended up applying to CSR). What I find a little odd about this is that last year the ThD was dissolved into the PhD through the CSR and, from my observations, they accepted at least one HB applicant into the ThD program every year. It was also my understanding that when the ThD and PhD were combined, they would still carry over the same dynamics that the ThD would
  7. Try this: http://www.firstthings.com/web-exclusives/2012/11/ranking-theology-programs
  8. From my interactions with people from admissions, I'd say this pretty well encapsulates the difference. The GSAS also takes a little bit more of a "Religious Studies" approach as well I think.
  9. Not sure who posted this on the results page, but what do you make of this as it relates to Harvard? "The official method of notification is by mail. Unless potential advisors reach out via email or phone individually, that is how you will hear."
  10. I know exactly what you're saying! I have thought on a number of occasions today that it feels as though I am playing checkers, while all the other applicants are playing chess. I was hoping for at least a wait list somewhere, but perhaps that would have simply prolonged the agony and given me false hope. So, it's back to square one and re-evaluating whether I want to attempt this all over again next year.
  11. I'm with you, my friend! I received my rejection also. I didn't have as much interaction there, but did get rejected from another program where I had a similar experience, with the professor saying essentially the same thing. It's tough. So far, I'm 4/5 on rejections, with only Harvard still not officially rejecting me (though the handwriting seems to be on the wall). Like you, I'm not sure what the next move is!
  12. Meaning all acceptances have already gone out?
  13. So sorry to hear this! Did she give any indication as to when official notification would be sent out?
  14. Just got notification of rejection from Princeton Seminary about two minutes ago. Not surprising. It's looking like I will be coming up empty-handed this year. I also e-mailed someone from admissions from Duke Divinity about the ThD. She told me decisions were actually being released after 5 PM today.
  15. There were also two other acceptances listed on the results page that said they were contacted "via e-mail." So, who knows? One thing that I don't understand, though: can someone explain to me why schools seem to often notify those who have been accepted before - sometimes weeks before - those who have been rejected? Can't they just put us out of our misery?! How hard is it to notify both those accepted and those rejected at the same time? Yeah, I noticed that same dynamic about the interviews this year and the lack of interviews posted this year. Again, who knows?
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