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Kaplan test prep worth it?


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I'm starting to prepare for the GRE and I'm really looking to improve only my quant scores. The first time I took it I scored a 154 in quant and I got a 155 my next time studying with Magoosh. I am thinking about signing up for one of those expensive Kaplan prep programs that guarantee to increase your score but I want to know if anyone has any experience with these courses. I'm really aiming for a big jump in my scores to 160 min. and plan on only studying quant and full practice tests. Is Kaplan good or what other resources can max out my quant scores? Thanks guys, I feel like there's so much info on how to study the GRE its just as stressful deciding what to do as it is to actually take it.

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I don't think you need to pay for Kaplan unless something about it really suits your learning style.


Lots of people here seemed to really benefit from Magoosh (I never used it), but if you tried that and it didn't work for you there are lots of other options. Personally I used the Manhattan Prep giant book of problems and raised my quant score a lot-- way more than you want to raise yours. So they will always hold a special place in my heart. I also recommend reading a general guide to the quant section of the GRE, that will explain the structure of the problems and likely answers. I used the (completely free) SparkNotes intro to the quant section, which spends a long time explaining how to recognize a trick question, a complicated looking question with a simple answer, rule out trick answer options, and generally the logic on some of the weirder question types. I think the "endless problem sets" phase of my studying was a lot better for having read it, and I got a lot of questions right this time around that I panicked and guessed on the first time.


ETA- There is also a thread for free/cheap GRE resources on this forum!

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