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CU-Boulder vs NCSU


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Hi guys I am from India..So I received an admit from NCSU and a reject from Vtech. Vtech was my first choice. TAMU now becomes my first choice!
In the meanwhile its between CU-Boulder and NCSU! MS in Civil Engineering (Construction Engineering & Management)

I also have an admit for MS in Building Construction Management from Purdue. But most probably i am going to reject it as STEM extension is not available for this course.

Departmental rank:15 Overall rank:34
Total potential cost without any sort of funding - $72000
Coursework is good! Still not sure abt the job prospects. But i like the place. And one of my best friends will most probably be attending this University. So i would have someone who i know since childhood with me.

Departmental rank:22 Overall rank:29
Total potential cost without any sort of funding - $65000
I like the coursework here too. Dont have a proper idea abt job prospects. But would save me around $7000 compared to CU-Boulder. I am from India and $7000 would convert to Rs.10 lakhs here! So its a lot of money.

So guys what do you think? Which one is better for me? CU-Boulder or NCSU? Thanks in advance.

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only you know the correct answer here.  But if I were you I'd pick CU-Boulder.  

Sometimes it helps to think of accepting to the other school and seeing if you feel regret if you weren't attending the other one.  If you can mentally try that it may help to show what deep down you feel is the place for you.

Best of luck.

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