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  1. Pretty bad form to cancel an interview especially the way you played it out. An alternate weekend for a school is going to very likely the same "feel" as the first weekend interview; especially since there are usually more than one applicant there. Stick to what you promised to school A (think how awful you'd feel and respond if school A decided to cancel you for another applicant they thought they liked better after they told you to come!). Inquire about an alternate weekend for school B.
  2. You would never be able to determine the fit of a lab from a 30-45 minute interview. PIs and labs are much more complex than that. That is your naivete showing. I'm not being antagonistic but this same exact question has come up a multitude of times in this thread alone. I'm surprised we are still getting posts about it, just kind of like the clothes stuff. All of that is just evidence that people are focusing on the wrong things when going through this process. You are a grown adult and you are about to be a graduate student. You clearly are smart enough to figure out how to ta
  3. So all of your other interviews have 100% of your interviews with potential POIs? is that what I'm hearing. so like you have 4-8 POIs at each university and you've managed to get scheduled with all of them? They do their absolute best but things come up. Umbrella programs most certainly may operate differently than smaller,individual program interviews. If this is throwing you off of BU then I'd suggest you don't interview with them. I have said it before, and will now say it again. Do not go to a school with the intent on working with one specific person. This often doesn't work out.
  4. Thursday night: casual (sweater/nice shirt and either khakis or like even nice jeans) interview day/any day you are meeting or around faculty: business casual. NO JEANS. Saturday/Sunday: any time with just grad students can be more comfortable and should reflect what you are doing? Walking campus tour? Casual/comfortable, going out to bars or going to a sporting event/music can be casual. Just be reasonable.
  5. doesn't really work like that. you aren't interviewing to work with specific people, you are interviewing to enter the graduate school. Many people do not get all of their interviews with people in their field as often faculty on admissions committee need to interview students. Also it is a matter of availability of faculty those days, not all faculty are around or free. This has come up time and time again in this sub and people need to stop acting like an interview at a school is all about finding their next advisor, that is not the point of this. Its great if you get to meet with someo
  6. pretty unnecessary, if you need to explain your work you should be able to simplify it down to a general summary with the ability to go deeper if they ask. Having a ppt is way more than expected and almost would look like you aren't at ease talking about your research in conversation without the help of aids.
  7. I understand you are from a different field so I'm guessing that is why there may be some differences. In the biological sciences often acceptances are offered following an in person interview. People who do not interview (at least that I know of and of course there can be rare exceptions) are not offered admissions. Skype interviews are reserved to international applicants unable to attend interview weekend and extenuating circumstances (i.e. blizzards that shut down travel and cause an applicant to miss an official interview without any chance for rescheduling). I was working a full time
  8. Tech is a really good engineering school and is well-respected in science and tech fields. I am not sure what area of evo bio you are interested in working on exactly. Could you go into what type of work you are interested in exactly (are you working big data with genomics etc) Also think of what you may want to do after graduate school, are you more interested in academia, industry, government? that may help us advise you. I believe all of those schools are great schools and internationally recognized so you can't go wrong but I believe knowing more information about you specifically ca
  9. just so you know you may have accidentally wandered into the biology/life sciences applicant threads. I will say doing what you did will feel like nothing for you since you have already overcome a lot and matured a ton through your schooling. There are a lot of people who struggle in graduate school yet, namely those straight out of undergrad, since they have not endured obstacles and difficulty in academics up to this point and are used to the "undergrad" mentality of school. You sound like you have a good head on your shoulders. Best of luck!
  10. And the understatement of the day award goes to you. Wait until you realize how many people master out.
  11. Yeah this is definitely something that happens (faculty leaving). Webpages can be wildly out of date, as I believe you are realizing right now. Many times a professor moves and either the graduate school or their own personal webpages do not reflect their current appointment. This can lag from weeks to months to almost a year easily. This is another classic reason why you do not apply to a school to work with just one individual. Not saying you did, but this is the perfect situation that arises that leads to an unhappy student. I don't think you need to contact the professor. If he/she
  12. It likely is a mixture of availability and position in the program (are they on the admission committee, do they run a core facility, are thew newer faculty...so many reasons really). The interviews are not solely to find specific labs, you should be well-rounded and able to talk to many different scientists. Also it has been said here before and is worth repeating. Don't go to a school with the intent on working with one person, you should have a few different PIs you are interested in, since many many times it does not work out the way you anticipate. interviews give you a chance to talk
  13. Not all interviews will be with everyone you want to work with. It sounds like you were asked for five and they set up interviews with 4. The one that is not on that list is likely not available to meet with you. I don't think the misspelling is an issue, generally program coordinators work for a specific department and know all the PIs anyway and one letter mixup is not going to confuse them to that level. I wouldn't be overly concerned about contacting again. You probably won't hear back about anything specific until closer to the interview date, the coordinator is probably fairly busy
  14. I don't think when you submitted an application is going to have an impact on when you hear back. Generally unless its rolling admissions, of which UNC is not, they wait and review all of them at once.
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