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  1. i did last week.. i declined though, so hopefully you'll hear from them soon
  2. Stanford Biosciences or MIT for a PhD in Biology? I'm having trouble deciding between the two!!! Both are top programs and provide rigorous training. Both have many labs that I'm interested in working in. From talking to people, I"m told it just comes down to preference for environment (west coast vs. east coast). What are people's thoughts on which program is better? Appreciate any advice!
  3. I'm also having this issue on deciding between east coast and west coast schools, so if anyone has advice, would greatly appreciate... breaker746, I see actually that we have similar school offers to decide on (besides Harvard :P).
  4. I interviewed in February, and have yet to hear anything back haha.
  5. For writing emails to decline offers, is it alright to not say where you plan on attending?
  6. which school are you leaning towards? i dunno how to make a decision rahh
  7. ah ok! thanks for letting me know! has anyone interviewing at stanford bioscience immunology gotten their list of interviewers yet??!
  8. what, really??!! which program in stanford biosciences are you interviewing for? i am in stanford immuno but have not gotten any list of the interviewers yet
  9. For those interviewing at Stanford Biosciences later this week: has anyone gotten their interview schedules yet??? I hope they send out in advance!
  10. im thinking about ucsf bms....but not sure yet.. which one are you leaning towards?
  11. does anybody know when mit biology will send out decisions?
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