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Duke and WUSTL Philosophy


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Hi all,


I just got back from visiting Duke and WUSTL, and I wanted to plug both programs for the benefit of both those on the wait-list and future students.  Both programs are wonderful, and they actually have a pretty similar vibe.  The faculty are laid back and have formed strong bonds with graduate students.  The graduate students themselves are very friendly and seem to live quite comfortably on their stipends.  From what I could gather, the climate for women at both programs is very good.  I think that the other prospective students would back me up on that.  


I don't think that the faculty was being overly nice or disingenuous or anything to "talk up" the department.  Everyone was very genuine and straightforward.  I actually discussed my other options with members of the faculty at both places, and, while they highlighted the ways in which their program fit my interests, they were candid about the quality and fit of the other programs as well.  


In short, if you have interests that fit those two programs, definitely apply.  If you are on the wait-list and you get accepted without the opportunity to visit, don't hesitate in accepting.  They both seem like great places to do philosophy.  


If you have any specific questions about either program, feel free to comment here or shoot me a PM.  

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