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Hi everyone, this is my first post and I'm glad there's a place like this where I can vent my frustration with writing SOPs. I'm currently applying to a teaching graduate program in my school and the deadline is fast approaching, April 1st to be exact :(. I know everything that makes good writing but I always end up writing badly. I just want to know if my writing is okay and what spots I can fix up quickly before the deadline. If you can rate my flow, content, grammar, wordiness and choice of words. I SUCK AT WRITING SO PLEASE DON'T HOLD BACK, I WANT TO GET INTO GRAD SCHOOL. The question is very vague, "why do I want to become a teacher?"




................................and I can't paste on this stupid computer. If I can PM anyone that would be great or if anyone knows why I can't paste my SOP, please let me know :( Does anyone else have this problem with copy and paste?






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Send me.


Oh, btw, are you using Internet Explorer?  There's some problems with the text editor in IE.  Use Chrome or Firefox and you'll be able to paste.

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