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Hi all - I got news today that I was accepted off the waitlist at UNC-Greensboro and I'm going to accept. A month ago I thought that the waitlist was a polite way to say no but I'm just super excited today. I posted this on the results board but I wanted to share this on the history board in case any other history hopefuls wondered the same thing about being waitlisted. I don't think I was a stellar undergrad or M.A. student (9 other programs agreed with that statement). I'm pretty sure it is my "fit" that got me on the waitlist and eventually accepted.

Anyway - now that I got the great news I want to tell everyone else that might be on a waitlist not to give up hope (I did) because you just don't know, I definitely wasn't expecting this today. Good luck to everyone else out there. I gotta go buy a UNCG t-shirt now :P

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