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Can someone explain the process to me

need help

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I'm a sociology major, who wants to get their masters in education.  I want to be a high school teacher.


I really have no idea on how to begin the process.  Can anyone give me the best study guides/material for the GRE?

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Not sure this is the right sub-forum, but first you should make a list of potential schools with programs in credentialing and secondary education. Some schools (like University of San Diego), don't require the GRE, but do require things like the cbest. I used Barron's online for GRE prep. Improved my verbal from 157 to 163. 

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I used the Princeton Review, Cracking the GRE. I was very happy with it.


First figure out what schools you want to go to (think about location, funding and costs, length, faculty, etc...) and meticulously read their requirments to apply. Then do exactly what they tell you... that's the process :)


You might find the Education sub-forum (http://forum.thegradcafe.com/forum/23-education/) a helpful place to look.

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Check out the Education forum for information specifically pertaining to Education (link in above post)


I used Kaplan for test prep.  It consisted of an online class (although face-to-face classes are also available), three one-on-one tutoring sessions throughout the four weeks of classes, free quizzes that you can customize (for example, if you're weak in geometry but strong in algebra, you can select geometry, specifically), access to 7 full-length practice tests, Smart Reports to track your progress and tells you which areas to focus on, and three books (an overall GRE prep book, one for Math, and one for Verbal).


It helped me get my Verbal from a 155 to a 164, and my Quantitative from a 146 to a 152 (but I did get a 155 on a practice test). 

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