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  1. Very late to the party; I do apologize! I'm currently at UD (in sociology, which is the same department as criminology here). I was actually invited to visit twice. The first year (2014), UD invited top candidates without offering acceptances/funding. They told me "we really love your application, but we can't make an offer just yet." They made their decisions after the visit. However, it was never framed as an interview, and you weren't sat down in a room with your POI and grilled or anything! It was a nice visit where we got to meet faculty and graduate students over meals and on campus.
  2. Hi, all! *plops down in thread and rolls about* it's been a while since I've been here! Blargh! Semester is finally coming to a close. Thesis is finished. Students take their final exam on the 17th. I walk at graduation on the 23rd. I've been so fortunate and am honored to have received a Research Assistantship at the University of Delaware that begins this summer. I'll be interviewing women and providers about their experiences with contraception and reproduction, so this is right up my alley in terms of research interests. I'm very excited, and again, just so thrilled and flat
  3. Maryland is an EXCELLENT program! Are you officially committing to Maryland then?? Don't feel bad about Brandeis; they are SUPER selective and only take two or three students each year (if I remember correctly). I also got rejected by Brandeis! @EdSocPhD CONGRATULATIONS!!! So happy for you!
  4. I was actually going to suggest CU Boulder as well, especially since I had the chance to visit the program and see what it's all about.
  5. FINALLY rejected from Vanderbilt today! Talk about waiting! It's ok though; I've already committed to another offer. My application season is officially OVER
  6. FINALLY rejected by Vanderbilt. And with that, I've heard back from all programs.
  7. *shakes head* unbelievable!! *huge sigh* Yes, they propose Prof Logician drop the lowest assignment because this class is obviously a democracy where students get to decide how the assignments are graded *sarcasm/eye roll*
  8. Just wanted to say "thank you" to everyone for this thread. I've been having a really hard time with this lately, so it helps to know I'm not alone. This is my third semester TAing for Intro to Sociology. This semester, students didn't do too well on the first exam. The exam was four short-answer questions, and the exam was worth 100 points. If students missed and/or did not fully incorporate certain concepts into their answers, they received 10 points off, minimum. One thing I've used to combat negative energy from students who "aren't satisfied" with their grade (aren't satisfied
  9. So, Vandy never got back to me, but I wanted to let you all know that I've officially committed to the University of Delaware! This *might* free up a spot or funding at NC State, UC Davis, CU Boulder, and Rutgers (although probably not Rutgers; my offer was un-funded).
  10. Thank you so much!! It sure is! I still have to formally turn down one program, but after that, I can announce it to the world and everything!
  11. Thank you, @Pink Fuzzy Bunny!!! Congrats to you as well!! Yay Penn State peeps! My mom went there for her Bachelors, and so did my sister's boyfriend. Actually @hippyscientist he did his undergrad in kinesiology!
  12. Oh hi @hippyscientist <3 Thank you so much!! And yes, Delaware is beautiful and, best of all, FLAT! Lehigh has taken a lot out of me since it's on a mountain haha.
  13. Hi Everyone! I haven't been active here because I've been traveling to the everywhere. I officially accepted Delaware's offer yesterday! Woo! It's finally all over!
  14. @macadamia tea I was thinking of making a new thread, but what do you think? I think either way would work well!
  15. Just one more campus visit (out of five) until I make my decision! I should make a decision by next week ... how intense!

  16. Are you sure it wasn't Councilman Milton who wrote this? Sounds like something he would say.
  17. YAY I'm so happy for you!! *Throws confetti for you* That's amazing!!! (Side note: I'm still alive, guys. Just doing a lot of visits and conferences hahahhaha *starts crying a little*)
  18. Just casually bring up grad cafe and I'll be like "omggggg I'm on there wayyyy too often!" and I'll reveal my identity. No shame here!
  19. Wow, thanks for the tip! That's awesome advice. I know how you feel! I also have leanings, but I also have two more visits! We'll see what the future holds!
  20. I hope you are accepted off the waitlist soon! Thank you for the update!
  21. Yeah it was amazingly kind of her to do all that for me! She really went out of her way for me! Later on, in a one-on-one with another professor, she told me that the body starts making more red blood cells after being at a higher altitude for a little while?? I think that is just so cool! Thank you! I still have two more visits (and a conference) so still lots of travel, but it's been fun so far, albeit exhasuting!
  22. The Boulder visit was great! Got back late last night. I've never seen scenery quite as beautiful as Boulder ... those mountains are so picturesque, they look fake! Almost like someone hung up a giant backdrop photo. I did get sick from the altitude though. We were chatting with department faculty after breakfast, but I had to sit down. So I sat down in an inconspicuous place and tried to catch my breath and feel better. Then, a professor walked by, chuckled lightly, and asked "All talked out?" I told her I just wasn't feeling right ... something was off, and I think it wa
  23. Congratulations! The part about your dog made me tear up with happiness. The tears are partly cause I miss my pups (one of which is my little avatar pic). Isn't it wonderfully overwhelming getting offers in such a short time-span? Ride that high: now is the time to celebrate!
  24. Did visit 2 of 5 today. It was a great visit, and I enjoyed it! ... now to go to sleep ... up at 5:00 AM for my flight to visit 3!
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