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  1. Me: "Hmm I wonder if I should have a nice beer tonight." *checks results board* *sees rejection posted on the results board for the only program I'm waiting to hear back from* *deep sigh* *silently walks to fridge*
  2. Oh man, Vanderbilt rejection on the board ... ahhhh ... Whomever it was ... I'm sorry, friend. *hugs* Your stats are awesome though, so I have a feeling you'll get offers elsewhere!! I'd pace around, except I'm curled up with my heating pad, grading at the moment.
  3. @2016Applicant Ah, I see ... They are probably getting a feel for whether they should offer you admission. My only suggestion: if this program is at the top of your list, make sure it is absolutely clear in your response to them that they are very high on your list and that you really want to go there! I wish you the best of luck!
  4. Have they already offered you an acceptance? I've never had this happen to me before ... I would also check out the "Waiting it Out" forum and "Decisions, Decisions" forum to see if similar things have happened to applicants from other programs. Good luck!
  5. @DecisionDilemmaDreadwelcome! You've got some awesome GRE scores and GPA, by the way! You should check out the engineering forum, where they will be likely to know more about the programs you mentioned. However, maybe some engineering folks in this thread can help you too! I'm in sociology, so I'm not even sure what those types of engineering involve! So I can't help you :-(
  6. Thank you!! Oh I still have four more visits, and I'm trying to keep an open mind for all of them! I finish my visits in late March! How about you? I'm sure you have lots of places to visit!
  7. Hi guys! Sorry I haven't been here the past few days. I've been reading posts though! I had a great recruitment visit at Delaware on Monday and Tuesday! It was so much fun! Hope you all have been well <3
  8. Congratulations, @puton! *throws confetti for you* Thank you for clarifying, too! :-)
  9. I'm thinking it might have to do with the accepted student being an international student! Coordinating travel to the interview visit might be tough in that situation.
  10. Today's results page Vanderbilt sociology acceptance listing did say they were an international student! Maybe that's why they received a straight up acceptance instead of an invitation to the visit this weekend. That might explain it?
  11. Looks like a lot of Penn results today! Also, saw a Vanderbilt acceptance today. I'm wondering if that applicant really heard back today or just posted their result today? I'd love to hear more info! Trying to remain optimistic yet realistic ... this will be the final program I hear back from either way!
  12. @Mattwellyep, I am attending and presenting at ESS. Also, following up on my previous post, I am now able to attend the Rutgers open house next week instead of skyping in!
  13. Woooooo!! *celebrates with you and shares some of the carrot cake I just made* congratulations!!
  14. @Cat_Robutt sweet! I did my BA in Lancaster! Great place! State College is a ways away from Lancaster. The main thing to know is just how seriously PA takes Penn State!!! It's a huge school, and alums who meet each other by chance long after their college days are over will bond instantly with each other because of Penn State. My mom and my sister's BF are both Penn State alums. I will definitely be sending you a PM later! Gotta go for now though! Again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  15. Congratulations!!! As someone who has lived in PA all her life, I welcome you to PA with open arms! Where in PA will you be located? Let me know if you need any PA tips and tricks. Like, Lancaster is pronounced "LANK-ah-ster" rather than "LAN-caster," Lebanon is pronounced "LEB-nin" rather than how it's spelled, etc. Lebanon bologna, Tastykake, Middleswarth chips, Farm Show milkshakes ... I'll let you in on all the secrets.
  16. Hey all! Sorry to crash the thread, but I was wondering: Those of you going to the Delaware trip on Feb 22-23, I wonder, since Soc and Crim are one department at Delaware, if we'll have the same itinerary, etc. If so ... I'll see you guys there! I'm very excited! looking forward to meeting those of you who will be there!
  17. So hurtful. I'm so sorry you're going through this, too :-( *hugs* it's really hard. Luckily, everyone except the one person seems to be supportive. I can't imagine if my entire family was doing that to me. People don't get how necessary it is for some people to get their PhD! Ugh. It's so disheartening.
  18. Congratulations to all the acceptances today!! *throws confetti and prepares the best meal ever for you all* @nightfarmerwalk on the beach... Voluntarily walking outside in what I assume is not bitter cold weather.. Enjoy that for me! *bundles up under blankets and layered pajamas in front of the space heater*
  19. Delaware - Feb 22-23 Boulder - March 4-7 Davis - March 10-13 Eastern Sociological Society, Boston - March 17-20 (not a campus but still, figured some of you all might be there) NC state - March 24-26 (NOT official visit weekend!! I can't make the official one due to ESS) I would be at the Rutgers visit on March 3rd, but I likely have to Skype in because travel via public transportation (I don't have a car) cuts to close to my March 4th flight/visit.
  20. I truly cannot believe this. I let out a "NO WAY" in a public area reading this just now. Simply unacceptable. I can't imagine... I was considering applying there, too. My sincerest condolences to those who rode that high only to crash into the ground. You deserve at LEAST an apology.
  21. Idk what happened, man. Adult swim has always been "I do what I want" but before it was weird rather than scary. For me it's the opposite. I'm awake cause I'm in pain and nights like this it's like "I gotta keep going." ugh. So tired.
  22. Night Owls in the US... If you watch Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, I have one question: WHY do they make those creepy as heck animations during commercial breaks? Like straight up monster demon sh*t. just what my insomniac, in-pain, super jumpy self needs. I know the answer to my question though. Adult swim does whatever they want haha.
  23. Isn't it perfect?? I love this meme so much! I'm glad you also appreciated it! Thanks :-)
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