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  1. Yeah, my inexperience definitely showed when booking my travel. I was so focused on getting good seats/prices, I neglected to factor in that layover time. *facepalm* Thanks for the tip about the food!
  2. I sure hope to feel that way! I have a 35-minute layover for one of my flights ... good thing I booked my own travel for that one and was able to choose a seat close to the exit. Are you allowed to bring snacks? I thought they made you throw out your food. I can't remember ... it's been two years since I've flown haha!
  3. One-day visitation day tomorrow from 8:30 - 6 ... Then a flight the next morning that departs at 8:30am for a recruitment visit, and I'll be at the visit until Saturday. Ahhhh I'm nervous yet excited yet not excited about flying! I've only traveled by plane for two trips in my life. And I'm taking three trips by plane over the course of four weeks. I'm a bit intimidated!
  4. woo hoo!!! Congratulations, Pastel!! *high fives and throws confetti for you*
  5. Wow, aresh, this is super helpful. Thank you so much for this information! It gives me a sense of the possible reasons I haven't any news. It sounds promising at this point! I agree that it's an amazing program. When my undergrad thesis advisor was there, she loved it. She still meets with her dissertation advisor for dinner when they happen to be at the same conference. And I've met other professors from the department at conferences. They all just seem so kind-hearted and invested in their students' academic success and personal growth. I truly hope you get an acceptance because it
  6. Did you go to the visit? Or are you in the same spot as me: neither invited to the visit nor rejected? If so, it's good to know others are in the same spot!
  7. That DOES help. That way I know when I might hear back. Thank you! I hope you had fun on the visit, and I hope you hear some good news soon! =)
  8. Aw shucks! Thank you! I just like being supportive to my friends!! One day we shall meet in real life and feast on pastries, tea, coffee, and -- in the spirit of the thread -- wine, of course! Ah yes, the time difference! I'm glad you enjoyed the sun while it was there. I'm glad your mom is visiting, too!! That sounds great! YES! Florida is so warm and sunny!!
  9. oh my goodness!!! *huge hugs* I'm so sorry this happened ... I wish I were there to make you some tea and delicious pastries! I would suggest doing something besides work right now. I'd be one of those people who advises against sitting around in bed eating bonbons to soothe your pain, but chances are, I would definitely be doing that. If the weather is at all nice outside, consider going outside and simply sitting. Sunshine might just help even a smidge.
  10. I wonder if something similar is happening with Vanderbilt. I wasn't invited to the visit weekend, but I haven't been rejected either. At this point, I'm worried they sent me an email with either an invitation or a rejection, but I missed it somehow (even though I watch my email -- even my spam folder -- like a hawk). Hoping to hear something soon either way, to put this fear to rest!
  11. Me, too, especially if they offered me a nice funding package (including reimbursement for mileage when traveling by broom to conferences and such).
  12. Wow that is a lot! I'm glad you have an acceptance under your belt, as well as promising programs to hear back from! Yes, I hope you have an eventful week as well! <3
  13. Probably by owl. Maybe they keep making typos of the university names. Like they mean to type "Hogwarts" but type "Northwestern" instead. I make that same mistake all the time. I love it, too! I really just wanted an excuse to use it ..
  14. Yes, that's very true!! How many programs are you waiting to hear back from?
  15. I usually skip the middleman and just obsessively check the application systems directly! I haven't "outsmarted" the system yet though. Meaning, I still haven't found my rejection/acceptance letters on the application website without being notified by email first
  16. Yes, it surprises me as well! I haven't received a physical letter for any of my rejections, but I received two acceptance letters after being accepted electronically, so that was a nice little surprise in my mailbox.
  17. I keep seeing posts for notifications via Postal Service today ... and the people list that they received the notification today, on the 28th. Via Postal Service. There's just one problem:
  18. I should also mention that, while the recruitment visit was this past weekend, I didn't get invited to it! I realize my last post made it sound like I went and was waiting to hear back. Nope, I did not go to the visit, which is part of why I feel like I'm in extra limbo, you know?
  19. Yes, I always make sure to check spam! My spam folder is the cleanest it's ever been! @foxandchicken thank you! (posting on mobile is tough, hence weird formatting)
  20. So, some rejections went out for the only program I'm waiting to hear from ... But I didn't receive one? The recruitment visit was this past weekend, so I'm guessing they're only going to accept those from the visit ... But I didn't get a rejection. So now I'm like "what if they invited me to the visit and I deleted the email by mistake?" etc etc. even though I manage my email and watch it like a hawk. Maybe my rejection is on its way, maybe I'm on a wait list, maybe they'll surprise me and accept me without me going on the visit. EITHER WAY, my biggest fear is that s
  21. How was Fuller House? I started it yesterday! got mostly through episode 1 so far! (I'm slow.)
  22. Heidi, I'm so sorry to hear this!! Take some time to treat yourself for a while. Then, type up a well-written email thanking them for the interview and apologizing for the technical difficulties that happened during the Skype session. But for now ... just take some time away from the application process!!! Enjoy your wine, and try to get a tasty pastry to go with it!
  23. Oh wow that's amazing! Congratulations!! I hope you are able to open the funding letter soon!
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