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  1. I think it's the case for me, for the NC State Fellowship! If I get the fellowship from UC Davis, I'll make sure to clarify this as well.
  2. Ok cool. From what it sounds like, it's similar to mine. So, say you got $17,000 in a stipend for TA duties, then you got $5,000 for a fellowship, it would equal $22,000. While krispy and kat warn that, in some other cases, a $5,000 fellowship would bump the TA stipend down to $12,000 in order to keep your funding at $17,000 per year. Am I understanding this all correctly? Just wanna know I'm on the lookout for the right info haha :-)
  3. Good question. From nc state's soc website: "These are first-year- only supplements intended to attract superior graduate students. They are very competitive. Supplements are awarded across all university colleges/schools as a financial incentive above and beyond whatever fellowship or assistantship candidates have already been offered." Above and beyond, to me, means on top of the TA ship. And as it mentions, it's for the first year only.
  4. Oh that's amazing!! Congratulations to you too!! Hmm we will have to ask, I guess!!
  5. @nightfarmergood! It sounds like you ended the night on a good note. @raaawrI'm sorry your friends haven't been very understanding :-( just know we totally get it!
  6. Thank you so much!! :-D with the fellowship, this puts my funding for NC state at the highest out of all my offers an far! I wonder how it's structured though. Do they simply build it into my TA paychecks or is it paid in one lump sum? I've never had a fellowship before!
  7. You're so sweet! Thank you! Huge congratulations for you!! *throws confetti for you* I sure hope they see my application in a similarly favorable light! Only time will tell! Maybe I will hear some news soon! And thank you again! Seriously, your support means so much!
  8. @anthrostudentcynmy phone glitched oops. I meant to say I had a couple nice dinners with colleagues this week and, even though they were SO fun, I found myself more drained by the end than usual.
  9. Yum!!! I had one of those for the first time last semester! Tasty stuff! *raises my glass to you*
  10. Yay! *gets you a beverage of your choice* alcoholic drink or not, your drink will be served in a fancy glass! That's what happy hour is about! Omg that would be great! Get a message that says "will you be mine?" from the program haha. That's the dream!
  11. Of course, friend. You're so invited to the late night happy hour with me and @raaawr. You ALL are. Waiting and rejection sucks, and I'm glad we can all whine about it together with no fear of judgment.
  12. The wait is agonizing and seems to last forever. I'm so sorry your friend left for Australia... And for three years... I wish I were there with you to go grab a late night snack and a drink. We could totally just talk about how crap this whole wait is. Guys, I propose grad cafe rl support groups/weekly happy hour.
  13. Brandeis waitlist post on the board do tellllllllllll. *freaks out a bit but tries to stay very optimistic!*
  14. Two years ago, when applying for Master's programs, I received an acceptance and a recruitment visit invitation on President's Day. I know that will make you all feel better or worse. I mean for it to make you feel better though! Do with that anecdote what you will! @nightfarmer I'm sorry to hear that =( My first notification was a rejection, too. It really sucks =( *offers you some cake* @artsy16 nooo I'm sorry to hear that because it's like going from purgatory to purgatory! Ah! *offers you some cake, too, and sits with both of you*
  15. @HopefulFutureSoc claimed one earlier. @ConsciousKid could be! Variations in programs can make a difference, I would think.
  16. I have been nominated for fellowships at UC Davis and NC State. Just got word back from NC State that I received a fellowship on top of my Teaching Assistantship offer. I'm very excited!
  17. Thank you!! I think so, too. We just need to advertise the program more, which I was sure to do in the other thread concerning funded master's programs! Oh I see!Still, cool connection :-)
  18. Yes, I did make that choice. The funding is awesome, my mentors have been fantastic, the teaching opportunities I've received have been indispensable, and I have four publications in the works. It made me an even better candidate for PhD programs than I could have ever dreamed of. Oh really? That's cool! Maybe I know your friend!
  19. I am in the Lehigh masters, yes! However, my first round was the Fall 2014 application season, which was very successful (fortunately!)! So, you may have me mixed up with someone else, but still, thank you for your congratulations!
  20. I'm choosing among mid-ranked programs, really, and they're all ranked pretty similarly. I guess that's why I'm prioritizing fit so much more since, as you mentioned, fit is more salient when rank is similar.
  21. I know this is a response to kelris' response to me, but I should have mentioned that the advice I've been getting have been from profs who have been recently hired/have been on the job market recently. I appreciate your advice, and I know my initial reaction post to that other forum post was very emotionally charged and bitter. I've always been taught, and I firmly believe: take rank into account and consider it seriously, but don't go *exclusively* by rank when making your decision.
  22. gingin6789

    Bethlehem, PA

    No problem!! Aww we have every kind of pretzel you can imagine around here! I have a feeing you will love it! Oh, I drink tap water exclusively ... I never have bottled water! The tap water here is good to me!
  23. Sorry to change the subject, but congratulations to the Princeton admits!
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