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  1. Also a great idea, Maleficent!! If they allow you to add notes, you also can put "out of the country from xx/2014 - xx/2014. Please email" or something.
  2. I had a few problems relating to this, too. 1. I just graduated in December, but I needed to send my transcripts before I graduated. My transcripts updated before the deadline, but likely wouldn't make it on time, so I extended the offer to email or submit my unofficial transcripts so that they could see my updated grades and GPA. The graduate coordinator of one program was very kind and told me to email it to her, personally. The second program gladly assisted me and updated my application. The third program sent me a curt response saying my original transcripts were fine. 2. I al
  3. Oooh I forgot about the condolence present method!! That is a wonderful idea!!
  4. I'm not sure, but I'm wondering the same thing about UMD. I saw they were also giving out notifications around this time last year. As for your other question, I think it might be appropriate to contact admissions to ask about what you should do ... I think that is definitely an acceptable reason to contact them! But that is my opinion. Anyone else care to weigh in?
  5. Agreed. I know it's supposed to be reassuring, but it's still VERY tough to hear. Perhaps because it echoes the notion of "Don't let it get to you." Don't let it get to me? How? This is my passion and dream; if it is destroyed this year, you bet I'll be processing some very strong emotions for a while before I brush off and move forward. It's so important to feel every emotion; there is so much emphasis on staying positive ALL the time, and it can be physically and emotionally damaging to keep that up all the time. So yes, while I know their intentions are good and that these folks l
  6. Dream update: two nights ago, dreamed I got accepted with funding of $100,000. Last night, dreamed I got accepted to two schools and won $6,000 from scratch-off lotto tickets. My dream standards are HIGH!

    1. Monochrome Spring

      Monochrome Spring

      It's okay. I had a dream that I won every fellowship I had applied to/been nominated for and had a $40k stipend for 5 years. We can dream.

    2. gingin6789


      Sweet dreams indeed, Monochrome!! Yours is an excellent dream! I also had a dream that the adcom was judging my application in the way the judges deliberate on America's Next Top Model: "Girl, you're clearly commercial qualitative, but you're not as strong in high-fashion quantitative. Your qualitative edged out your quantitative. That's why you're going home today ... "

    3. Monochrome Spring

      Monochrome Spring

      That would be a very traumatizing dream indeed.

  7. I managed to keep it to two pages because I put "Available upon request" under my "References" section (They are getting LORs with my References information anyway). I didn't have a "papers under review" section because I've only done an undergraduate honors thesis (that I HOPE to get published, but it's 75 pages and I just finished it in December), so I simply put that into my "Achievements" section.
  8. Oh my goodness, alphacat, I am just super excited that you got to attend Brandeis as an undergrad!!! I asked my thesis advisor the best school for medical sociology, and she instantly said "Brandeis," as if saying "Brandeis" is a reflex when hearing the term "medical sociology." You are in a GREAT place. And Wendy Cadge is there!! *swoon* Her intersectional work on religion and medicine makes my heart race!!! It's so well done!! Look at that great line-up you've got for schools!! You have so many great programs on your list! Location was the main restraint that weeded out a lot of g
  9. First I would cry a lot =( Then, I would study for the GRE again and retake it. The only "low-ish" score is my quantitative score, though. Then, I would find out what conferences I could attend in the meantime. Finally, I'd look for some kind of job in my field.
  10. I don't know about you, but I've always been that way with various things. I remember checking my undergrad class listings every day during the summer to make sure my Fall semester classroom assignments hadn't changed. I refused to show up at the wrong classroom on the first day e_e So, we can frame this as being "diligent" rather than "obsessive ..." or both!
  11. New to Grad Cafe, and I love it!!

    1. pears
    2. gingin6789


      Thank you, @pears! Everyone has been so welcoming so far, and that makes this site even better! =)

  12. Applying for grad school in sociology, but I was a double major in sociology and philosophy in undergrad =) I hope you don't mind if I post! This is one of my favorite topics, and it's been so interesting reading all of your responses! So, I must say Popper, Wittgenstein, and Kierkegaard. I've gotta add, currently, Alphonso Lingis as well. From what I've read from him and from meeting him, I absolutely love him.
  13. Hey there. I did not apply to UT-Austin, but I found the following on the Results Search page from another user who was applying to the sociology program and was rejected: You can definitely contact the Graduate Program Coordinator as well to corroborate or confirm this statement. Hopefully, the person who posted their result will show up in this thread.
  14. @Socioholic, I'm sorry to hear about your rejection, but I'm glad you've experienced the catharsis of actually KNOWING the status of an application! Plus, it sounds like you have a plan B! Also, your username is fantastic!!! Describes our lives, here!!!
  15. Thank you very much, NewGrad123. You were right to warn me; I am hopeless without a speech in front of me, whereas most others I know are most comfortable giving a presentation "off the cuff." However, I know the pain of being bored to death by a speech, so I practice my speaking to the point where I do not sound robotic and rarely have to glance down at my paper, so that's good! I also sound professional, yet like I'm telling a friend a story ("conversational" might be the applicable word here?) according to people who have heard me present in classes. I am VERY excited for this opport
  16. ... when I get really excited by the idea of attending a grad school program with wonderful faculty, research areas that line up perfectly with mine, and is well-ranked ... ... only to find that it has been closed within the last year *sigh* ALSO ... when I re-read my writing sample (thesis) to find minor grammatical errors/typos after four sets of eyes have read the whole thing. Just goes to show that no one is perfect and that no piece of writing is ever complete!
  17. Thank you very much, Cylon6!!!!!! Best of luck to you as well!! Congratulations on your acceptance to UVa!! I am presenting, too!!!!! I'm very nervous because these are my first two conferences!
  18. I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for over a year and a half now. He's now going for his masters degree in Emergency Management at the school we both went to for undergrad. He didn't need to take the GRE, only applied to that one school, and they basically love him so much that they wanted to create a new GA position just for him. They weren't able to do that, but they found a job for him on campus! I am pretty sure his parents are able to cover his tuition expenses. I think what is making this transition as smooth as possible is that he was so relaxed throughout the entir
  19. If they do, we are all in the same boat. I have a feeling, instead of being surprised, they would just nod knowingly and say "Ah, yes, there's another freaked-out grad school applicant."
  20. The usual: - checking email multiple times a day, yearning to hear the little "*pop*" notification sound for my Gmail ... - making sure to run to the mailbox (as if it will disappear if I walk) every day at 2pm to check for letters - watching tons of TV to pass the time (Parks and Recreation, anyone?) - working (great distraction!) - Cuddling with my dogs - Going to the gym ("what? It's only been an hour? Come ON, Gmail!!!")
  21. Hello everyone, It has been so much fun reading your posts, knowing I am not in this alone!! It is so great to be here =) I started off as a high school dropout; I had to leave high school for medical reasons. I received my GED just months after my peers graduated. I fell in love with sociology when I took 101 as a biology major. Understandably, one of my favorite areas of sociology is medical sociology. My other interests include sociology of religion, gender, and reproduction. I completed my undergraduate education this past December 2013 with a combined GPA of 3.94 from both
  22. "Worst case scenario, you can just retake the GRE and apply next year! GRE scores are very important!" (after $1,000+ investment in the GRE) Conversely, "Your scores are fine! GRE scores are garbage; some schools really don't care about them." "Only three schools? Is location really that important to you?" "Just don't think about hearing back from schools ... you'll be fine!!" OR, my friends who ARE applying to grad school "I just can't think about it or else it will occupy all of my time." My response to them: "HOW do you NOT think about it??"
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