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  1. *pours a brew for you, @BooksCoffeeBeards, and whoever else wants one/is in Februgatory* *or tea or coffee or apple juice* No really, I have a friend who gets apple juice whenever we all go out. It's just really cute ...
  2. Awww thank you! *hugs*I appreciate your support! And the Chocolate, too!! :-D @ts1493that's a great strategy! I hope you hear back soon so you can make the most of your journey!
  3. OMG I love the "Are we the baddies?" skit! I love the grammar nazi one, the one where they're naming the countries, and the rocket science/brain surgery skits, too! So many good ones! My favorite part of their bit as commentators is when David Mitchell walks in with his hands full of beers, then Webb tells him "You've missed the first part!" and without even looking at what's happening in the game, Mitchell runs over to the mic and goes "Oh, and that's a bad miss!" haha just little details like that crack me up XD I hope you get accepted to Indiana!! I'm so happy you've dodged the re
  4. Thank you so much for your support! Oh, I feel great about the fit of each of my acceptances! I'm so excited to visit all the programs, too! I might have to Skype in for the one program's visitation day, but I hope to formally visit another day! Yes, I'm trying to keep an open mind and wait until I do all my visits to get a feel for which program would be the best fit for me. I've been told that visits can change all the conceptions of a program you had before, so I'm trying to keep that in mind! My visits start in six days!! So excited! Thank you for asking! When is your v
  5. OMG it is SO nice to have closure!!! I'm just so glad they got back to me @___@ And you're so right. I'm just so thankful and PUMPED about the programs I've been accepted to!! Each one seems like they really want me, and that feels GREAT. Thank you for the Vandy support as well! We'll see what they have to say, hopefully soon enough! Also, congratulations to you again on BROWN!!!
  6. Oh I'm not too sad at all!I posted that pic because I thought it was funny more than anything else. I love Mitchell and Webb and their commentator characters! Brandeis is SUPER selective. While I felt it was a great fit, I made the mistake of sending in my very quant mater's thesis proposal as writing sample, and I know they have a very qual department. I also said I'd love to focus in the religion concentration, but my sample had nothing to do with religion! I would have been better off sending in my undergrad writing sample which focused on religion and contraception in the media.
  7. Starting the day off with a rejection, but I'm feeling not too broken up about it. My first thought when I saw my rejection was this quote from Mitchell and Webb
  8. All of this makes perfect sense, as does @rising_star's post. That's not mean at all. Coordinating travel is SO HARD. I can only imagine how tough it is coordinating travel for a bunch of admits, when it's been so difficult for me to coordinate travel as an individual. And that part about the grad school vs department notifying acceptances and rejections makes total sense as well! Thank you both for clarifying! Makes me feel better about the wait.
  9. So, sometimes programs don't notify rejected applicants right away on the off chance they could turn into accepted applicants if admits turn down their offers/they find more funding and more spots open up? Just clarifying/wondering why there's sometimes that lag between acceptances and rejections.
  10. @Neistomg Haibane Renmei!!!! Gahh great series! Haven't seen it in ages though!
  11. Oh Princeton folks who recently posted including @nowayjose... I'm so sorry. *massive hugs for all*
  12. @hippyscientist @raaawr @sjoh197 @MarineBluePsy Thank you all for your advice!
  13. It's more like one state, then home, and so on. For one of the trips, I might not even be there overnight, so that's good! Thank you for the advice! I actually had a small suitcase, but my gran usurped it haha. So, I'm on the lookout for another one.
  14. Hi All, I figure a lot of you are more well-traveled than me. I didn't get on my first plane til I was 21 (5 years ago). I've only been on two trips via airplane, total. My family never traveled much. I've lived in PA all my life, and the farthest west I've been is Nashville, farthest east New Jersey, farthest north was New York, farthest south was North Carolina. Sooo ... the fact that I'm visiting six states over the span of just as many weeks is pretty amazing for me. It's also a bit daunting. I was wondering: What sort of essential travel tips would you give to the uns
  15. That's a good idea! I do live alone, so luckily I don't have to worry about waking anyone else. I'm much better at resisting the snack if I'm with my husband! I'd worry too much about waking him lol. Trail mix is a good idea! I've been trying to stick to granola bars, but my husband sent me a giant bucket of cookies for V-Day, and they've been hard to resist!
  16. *gets woken up in the middle of the night* Body: Oh good, you're up! That means breakfast! Me: no, body, let's just.. Let's just try to get back to sleep now. Body: no... But we're up now... And when we're up, that means breakfast. Me: but it's 3am! You know better! Body: *gives me a wave of hunger* but I'm hungry nowwwwww And this is why a middle-of-the-night snack is so hard to resist.
  17. Hehehe!! See, Jack knows he's cute, and he even pretends to hate having his photo taken, but then he'll pose for the camera! He's a cute diva though :-) I'd love to meet a diva pug! @sjoh197Oh what a sweet story! I'm so glad this little kitty is getting a forever home with you! I think your name idea is wonderful!
  18. Omg when I first heard of that show, I freaked out cause it said BoJack!! Haha! I haven't started that show yet though! Aw thank you! They're just little babies!! Even though Jack is quite the diva sometimes and Bo can be quite demanding for treats!
  19. Also, I'm not sure if this will work, but Happy Valentine's Day! <3
  20. I think I mentioned earlier in the thread that I received an acceptance and a recruitment visit invitation two years ago on Presidents Day! All hope for Monday is not lost! Stay strong, friends!
  21. I agree and second all of this! I'm sooo tired, too. I'm gonna go do some reading soon, but staying warm under the blankets in my pajamas cause it's so cold... Makes me really sleepy...
  22. @Katastrophewow thanks! That makes more sense!
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