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American University or University of California, San Diego


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Hi all,


I am considering between American University (Executive Master of International Service) and University of California in San Diego (Master of Advanced Studies in International Affairs). I've checked some rankings of the two universities but there's no specific rankings for my program. Other similar rankings like Political science are also confusing. American University seems to have more reputations but living in San Diego is great?


Thanks so much for your advises.



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Even though there are job opportunities in both places, I really think AU will be the better choice because of what you are studying. I'm also a little bit biased since my sister lives in DC and I think it is such a beautiful city not to mention the vast opportunities for internships. (but then i've never lived in California before LOL)

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What is the relative cost of the two degrees taking funding and other relevant info into account? If, for instance, you're a California resident, I'd say the financial aspect would outweigh the pros of being in DC.


Also, what are your eventual goals?

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