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If anyone else is waiting on Miami U (Ohio)...(ENGLISH)


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(i posted this on the humanities board, but thought it might be helpful to post it here as well.)

just got this email today...

Dear Kara,

Thank you for your message.

On behalf of our graduate program, I sincerely apologize for the delay in notifying you of your admission status -- we had hoped to be able to contact you with an offer of admission by now. Our Admissions and Awards Committee placed you very high on our "wait list" for admission with graduate assistantship. As you probably know, we have a small program and it is our policy to admit only those to our MA in literature and comp/rhet concentrations who we can also support with departmental teaching assistantships. Every year we receive more good applications than we have openings available, which makes it necessary to place some excellent candidates on the wait list...

We understand that good applicants like yourself may have several options that they need to weigh before making a final decision. (We also sympathize with the discomfort of being in a "holding pattern" for admission to a graduate program--we feel that same discomfort waiting for candidates to respond by accepting or declining our offer!) As of this moment, it is hard to say definitely when or even if we might be able to extend an offer to you, but we would be pleased to keep you on our "wait list" if you are still interested in Miami. Alternatively, if you feel that you just can't invest any more time anticipating an offer from us and decide to go ahead and commit to another program, we cetainly understand; we'd appreciate your letting us know that as well.

Meanwhile, we thank you for an outstanding application and for your interest in Miami University. We hope to be back in touch with you very soon.



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