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Declining an offer


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Hello, everyone.


I was accepted in my top choices for grad school (Georgetown and Fletcher), and have received great attention from both schools in the decision-making process. I'm 90% sure about my decision now, but when the time comes to make a decision, I would like to decline politely the other option, instead of just doing nothing. Any advice? Should I be honest about the reasons of my decision (offered significantly more financial aid in one)?


Thank you!

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You always formally decline an offer, and the sooner you do it the sooner someone can come off the wait list.  Graduate programs, even the "best", have admitted applicants turn down offers.  It's par-for-course for the the most part.  You do not have to go into detail, just something like "Thank you for the time and effort the admissions committee put into reviewing my application and I appreciate the offer of admission.  However, I must regretfully inform you that I am going to decline your offer at this point in time. Thank you, W-Thor".


Also, send them a thank you card, too.  These are people who will be your peers one day; do the right thing and stick with etiquette. 

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You don't have to go into detail. They might not be interested and then it just gets awkward! I'd say that a thank you card is also unnecessary, at least in my field. It's going to arrive like a week after your email! For me, one school rejected me via email and then also sent a rejection letter that arrived a week later. That was not fun to receive :P

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