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Admission and Pokerface


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I have applied for Five school this year, I was rejected from two schools and I am stiil waiting for the other three. I am trying to find solace and I want to move on but I really can't before hearing the rejection from the other three , However they are not even giving me the relief bullet. 

I contacted the three  programs , two of them answered the typical generic phrase 

" your application is under review by the admission committee we will contact you as soon your status change"  which is equal for me " you are going to be rejected sooner or later, but we are not going to deal with your drama right now " 


The other school , the program administrator was such polite and nice person she used to tell me everything like "I just gave ur application to the PI " or "the ADM com are meeting next week " and she used to answer very quickly her email. The other day i sent her an email to ask about my status , she haven't answer back which is equal for me  " oh shit I gave that guy too much hope, he is going to be rejected, i Will just ignore his existence" => delete + block + spam.



just wanted to share.


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I dunno, this seems kind of pessimistic to me. It's my understanding that almost all schools will give you a "your application is under review" message until a final decision is posted. This may be for many reasons, but the most important one is because they are still reviewing applications. Maybe the decision on your file hasn't been made yet. Maybe you're waitlisted and they want to see how many they get from their first and second round picks before they make a call. Maybe you are rejected, but they don't want to encourage applicants to seek admissions notifications via email when they have a website for that.


Keep your head up...I wouldn't assume a lack of response means that they have rejected you, or even have a negative opinion of you. You'll know your status soon, and I hope you hear from the other schools ASAP!

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Stop emailing them!  Think about the number of applications they have.  Then think about how many nervous emails they are getting.  Then think about very annoying that must be to them when they are trying to focus on getting through the applications.  You will find out when you find out and there is nothing you can do about.  I know waiting sucks but you need to just wait until they contact you.

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 First i will make one thing clear , I am not blaming the poor program administrators. I bet they are overworked and underpaid during admission seasons and Most of them they really don't know what the admission committee is doing. or if a PI has a huge stack of application to review and holding the whole process, It is not their fault and I understand that.

Second people deal with stress and cope with stress differently than others do , a "shut up and suck it up" answer may express your opinion and how  you  deal with things, it is not how I deal with things. and In my situation I am waiting for an answer as soon as possible ( rejection or admission ) because it will affect my future plans greatly.

Everyone deserves an explanation about their status and the lack of transparency in the admission system is unnerving, they should implement a system like DHL or UPS Tracker for a better transparency . Or even better they should use the admission system medchool use .
All i am saying that there are some special situations that Admission committees should take into consideration and should not treat people like whining kids. 


Actually let me say it : If i know now that i got an admission I will quit my job and go back to my country and sit with my dying father . 

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I think she just means you should stray from continuously emailing them as that will only serve to act against you. People tend to respond less when they feel they're being badgered (not to say that's what you've been doing), and it will not make them reach a quicker decision. It would be great if we could will a decision from admissions, but unfortunately the only thing we can do is wait. It sucks and I am so sorry to hear about your father and the fact that you can't be with him. I can't imagine the stress you are under. Take a deep breath, remind yourself that 1) you have done all that you can do and 2) you WILL have an answer soon.  Good luck.

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