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Suffolk U mental health counseling program? or wait for GW?


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I need information about Suffolk U's mental health counseling program!! I initially applied to their PhD program and got rejected but they automatically considered me for the MA and I got in. The only thing is I don't know much about the reputation or general feel of the program....I am also awaiting a decision from The George Washington University's clinical mental health MA program. I know that's a great one, the only drawback is the cost. SO if I do get in and I am choosing between the two I want to make an informed decision. (I should also mention I scholarship to Suffolk so there is a significant cost difference. and I got into Palo Alto's PhD program, but I feel that its way too expensive). Thoughts?....


CAN ANYONE TELL ME ANYTHING ABOUT SUFFOLK? the program, the people, the students?

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I'm still waiting on GW too. I had my interview on feb 3. I don't know why they are taking so long. I probably not gonna go there but I still wanna know :/ I called them and they said they are still processing the application and I was like....

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