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Univ of Maryland vs Univ of Florida


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I have admits from Univ of florida and Univ of maryland,college park for Masters in CHemical Engineering.Both are no-funded . However the program in florida is a non-thesis and in Maryland it is thesis option. Do i have a better chance for an RA in maryland. ?? also i had contacted a professor from Maryland and he was willing to provide me Assistance, though nothing official. I am confused because Univ of Maryland is expensive compared to florida....

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Thank you for your reply!


Though there is no offical word of funding , almost everyone ends up getting RA or TA or sm other assistantship ( tats wat i heard from frnds) but the confusing part is tat UFL is closer to TEXAS ( which is the hub to get jobs for chem) and UMD is farther from it.Will this affect my job prospects.Also ,UMD's is closer to NASA, and other NATIONAL sectors of the country , Me, being an international might not be eligible to get internships or jobs there, shud i need to worry abt this, or are there other chemical engineering based private companies arnd ? 


Thanks in advance

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