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NYU vs UW vs GWU - Program in Russian&E.European&Eurasian Studies


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I am a Chinese student and I have got admits from NYU, UW and GWU, Program in Russian&E.European&Eurasian Studies.

All are no-funded.


I majored in Russian at Shanghai International Studies Univ. I have 2-year work ex in Moscow and 1.5-year work ex in Kazakhstan Consulate. 


Now I am having a difficult time choosing which school would be better for me. 


Any help would be appreciated!

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None of them! I wouldn't bother with the debt, especially since you have work experience. Get a job in your field that will pay for your tuition instead.


Thanks very much !  


Actually I have another offer from UC-IRVINE, MPP program. They offered me first year fellowship, about 6000 USD, but the tuition is expensive for international students, about 35000 USD per year.  May I know your opinion about this offer ?  Thanks in advance ! 

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