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USC vs UCSD Me eng. Master


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I was accepted from USC and UCSD.

Both universities are ranked almost same in engineering field in US NEWS.

And departement ranks (Mechanical Engineering) are almost same, too.

Also, I've heard master program in USC is not as good as PhD program. (becasue of too many students)

How about UCSD???

I'm really confused to decide.......

Do you guys have any recommendation about this decision?

Please help me~~~

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I just finished an MSME at USC last May. I am not sure what you mean by the MS program not being as good as the PhD program considering that PhD and MS students take the same courses and work with the same professors. However, many of the students complete a coursework masters and it may be harder to do a thesis MS considering the size of the program, therefore you may want to secure a project before you begin.

UCSD is a well respected program. However, I can only really comment on the program at SC.

You may want to take into consideration living expenses and career opportunities in the area. Also the program at SC makes it easy for students working and attending school concurrently.

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