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Choosing statistics masters programs


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Which of these would you choose, and why? 


- Stanford, MS Statistics

- Harvard, AM Statistics

- Berkeley, MA Statistics

- Northwestern Analytics MS (half off tuition)


In terms of my background, I have 4+ years of work experience in consulting that has involved things like sampling and regression. I'm looking to get a better/more rigorous background in statistics and get back into the professional world after the masters program. My interests include prediction of consumer behavior, marketing, trading analysis. Basically, anything forward looking that requires some statistical knowledge. Thank you for any of your thoughts.

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Congratulations for your admissions! I hope my answer is not too late.  Let me provide a bit more information to enhance your decision-making process. 


There are two types of master programs: one is a stepping-stone for Ph.D program or academic degree program and the other is a terminal program or professional degree program. Academic degree programs focus on having research experience while professional degree program focus on having project experience since they have two different goals. In terms of the reputation, school brand, campus life, student quality, etc, they are all similar. They are all world-class programs so it's all about where you would like to build your network.


If you will get back to the industry after the program (which you stated), I recommend Northwestern's Analytics program since it's one of the best professional program in Analytics / Big Data / Data Science field. If you would like to go to Ph.D program or a research center, I would choose between Stanford and Harvard. (Berkeley is located in a ghetto area so it's relatively unsafe compared to Palo Alto) They are both the best programs geared towards Ph.D Statistics or Applied Statistics. 

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Alagashblack, advising against going to Berkeley for its Ghetto location is ridiculous. Berkeley has its shady elements, but overall its not that dangerous, and is much more interesting of a place to live than Palo Alto. Choosing between UCB and Stanford based on regional lifestyle comes down to personal preference; do you prefer a little excitement, diversity, close proximity to San Francisco, a vibrant college community, and tons of activities? Choose Berkeley. Want to hide away in a wealthy suburb that only tolerates your college presence and doesn't support a college lifestyle, surround yourself with self-important rich kids, and limited choices? Sure, go to Stanford. 

I don't mean to imply that Stanford is a bad choice; it's a great school. But it definitely isn't better because it's not in a "ghetto area". 

SMH; boogies...

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