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Switching (UK) universities after supervisor departs?

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Hi All,
This is a crosspost from another subforum, since I'm really in need of some advice. I am a US national currently about 16 months into a funded studentship at a post-92 university. Within the first six months of my programme, both my director of studies and second supervisor (who had written the original studentship brief) both left to take up positions elsewhere. Basically, the DOS role was transferred to another individual within my department and the other two have remained as part of the supervisory team. This setup has worked well so far, as we have in person meetings at least every other month and remain in good communication via email and Skype.
I have just learned this week this my current DOS is now leaving as well within the next two months. Our department has seen an exodus of people the past year and there are very few people left who I could possibly have supervise me. I am also hesitant to bring in someone else that I would have to manage and might have drastically conflicting ideas about how this research should proceed. My second supervisor, who is at a university more specialist in my area of research, has suggested seeing if I could transfer my registration to his institution and he could then serve as my DOS, which I think would make sense. However, since my funding is through the university and not a research council. I'm not sure if this would even be possible and if it was, how I could go about effecting this change. 
Any suggestions from people who have experience or knowledge of this type of situation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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