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MS in Computer Science Columbia /UCLA


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I have been admitted to both these places and am unsure regarding which place to choose. Columbia being a ivy league  is attractive even though it is lower in rankings compared to UCLA in computer science. 


UCLA is better in rankings and is much cheaper compared to Columbia. 


Any input would be really helpful.





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Seeing that it is an MS I would choose the higher ranked one in CS. If you are trying to get a CS job companies know (and care) more about what university gave you a degree. By this I mean they would rather choose a from a top 10 (not an ivy, but still very reputable all around), rather than a top 30 that is an ivy. So for me I would choose the better program rather than the "bigger" name.


However, both of these schools are amazing so I would assume it wont make that big of a difference in the long run. 

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rankings about the same for both.


UCLA if u want sunny weather and cheaper tuition

Columbia if u maybe go into financial CS jobs , want to meet Ivy ppl and, potential future bankers, etc.


Check out their labs and see if any research interest u.

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