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Hunter non-responsive administration/admissions

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I wanted to make a separate post about this because I feel so many people were having problems.  So I called and left messages (three), emails (two), and finally someone got back to me to schedule a sit-down and walk through of the school.

The student ambassador (SA) I met with was great.  She told me that only SA's are available for sit downs/walk-throughs, unless a specific issue needs to be addressed by the asst. dean or admissions rep, etc.  There are only a few of them, they're in school full time, and their availability is limited, I think only Tues/Thurs 12 - 5 or something (don’t quote me on that).  They just don't have a lot of time to respond to messages/emails.  Also, and this is important, they cannot return calls to long-distance phone numbers.  So if you have an out of state (maybe even out of city) number, you probably won't be getting a call back.  She also affirmed what many of us assumed and have been experiencing; that getting in contact with the school is a total PITA.  But once your matriculated, the heavens of Hunter Silberman open up and most in the administration are very accessible!

So those of you that are having difficulty; hang in there!  Send follow-up emails, they will get back to you.  It's a GREAT building (just a few years old), the student body seemed way more diverse than other schools in the area, and the students seemed very happy to be there; they were engaging and open.  IMHO, it's the best school for urban clinical social work in the area.

I applied to and got accepted into Hunter/NYU/Fordham.  I'm pretty sure I'm choosing Hunter.  I hope this helps any of you that are on the fence and frustrated with the process.

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