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Penn State Harrisburg 2014


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The spouse and I are moving to Harrisburg PA so I can attend PSU Harrisburg for the American Studies program. We'll be moving sometime this summer.


I'll be on a housing-hunting mission sometime later this month.


Anyone else going to Penn State Harrisburg in 2014?


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Congrats on the admit!


I am not attending Penn State, but I do live in Harrisburg now. If you have any questions about it, I'd be happy to help answer them! I'm not from here originally, but have lived in Harrisburg for about 2.5 years. I'll be moving out this summer to go to school and I will miss it for sure!


Good luck!

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I thought I started this topic a little while ago, but then it seems to have either disappeared or I imagined starting it to begin with LOL!


My spouse and I are moving to the Harrisburg area sometime this summer for my American Studies doctorate at PSU-Harrisburg in the Fall of 2014. Hopefully, it will only take 3 years or less, which seems doable, since they've had at least one person complete the program in 2 years, and a few more completed it within or at the 3 year mark.


Anyone else out there in Grad Cafeland attending PSU-Harrisburg starting in Fall 2014?

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Weird!! I don't know what happened there, but when I searched, nothing showed up and I started a "new" one with the same title. And now, voila, it's showing up as a comment. *sigh* I must have some seriously bad computer or internet fu lately...


Awex-- Thanks for the offer!! I'm actually IN Harrisburg right now to look for housing (found three to see so far!) and fill out paperwork for the assistantship, et cetera. Visited PSU today briefly and walked around a bit in the chilly winds to get a sense of the campus and see where things are. I go back tomorrow for an appt and possibly to meet the American Studies faculty and staff. Depends on what HR says. I just today completed the criminal background check and I might not be allowed to do much on campus until I'm officially "cleared". I dunno. I wasn't able to sit in on a graduate class tonight because I hadn't completed the required steps. I can't afford to lose my funding or acceptance status over a miscommunication or breaking a rule, so I might not even visit campus again while I'm in town.


So far, Harrisburg is pretty neat! I've driven around a bit just getting to know the east side of the river going between the hotel and campus areas, visiting my new credit union, and just sightseeing. This place is easy to get around so far, a long as I know where downtown, the airport, and the river are, I think I can find just about anything eventually. :D


Sadly, I've only eaten at Applebee's so far. I'm sure there are great local places to get dinner or lunch. What are some of your favorite restaurants here?



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There are some great restaurants in downtown Harrisburg. Gingerbread man has killer wings, and they're on special every Monday, El Sol has great Mexican food, Ceolta's is nice, Molly Brannigan's is a favorite...

I've lived in the area entire life (in nearby Steelton). My mom got her Bachelor's in business administration at PSU Harrisburg, too! They've developed campus wonderfully even since then.

The "West Shore" (the west side of the susquehanna) has a lot of great shopping. I'd recommend the capital city mall over the Harrisburg mall, unless you want to go to bass pro shops or Macy's. There's also the colonial Park mall in the Harrisburg suburbs.

If you have any questions about the area, feel free to message me!

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