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Check out this one: Master of Public Policy -- CMU vs USC

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Carnegie Mellon University has a more quantitative program, great CS courses which I love, plus, financial aid of $4000 per semester. I think the total cost here is a little bit lower than in LA.


University of Southern California has a better location, thus better oppotunities to find a job, I assume. 

I think I want to work in a large city after graduation. It doesn't have to be LA -- NYC or else are also great. I'm slightly leaning towards CMU, but some friends there told me that I should not go to Pittsburg.


Another factor: I got waitlisted by Columbia, Cornell and Georgetown. (All MPP/MPA programs). If I choose CMU, The possibility I go to those three universities is kinda over because of the 415 agreement.


Guys, what do you think I should do? When it comes to areas like public policy, is it very important that I stay in a large city for networking? Is it worthwhile that I give up CMU for those waitlisted universities? Looking forward to your answers. Thanks!




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Cost of living for Pittsburg is waaaay lower than Los Angeles. I had a friend who went to CMU and bought a house, because it was a better investment than renting an apartment. Unheard of in California!


I can't speak to Pittsburg as a city, but you will also be in close proximity to many other major cities in the NE (NYC, DC, Boston, Philly, etc).


USC is a great school, and I would love to argue for USC, but it sounds like you know you want CMU.

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