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Dynamics/Control vs Fluids: MechE Job Prospects


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Hey all,

So I posted this in another sub forum but noticed this one is much more active.

I'm going to be an incoming Mechanical Engineering master's student in the Fall interested in energy(sustainable design, efficiency improvement, renewable energy integration, smart grid) and biomedical devices.

I think I will have a chance to take a few graduate courses in both dynamics/control and fluids, but just in case I have to choose one(conflicting classes, desire to be a master of one of these fields instead of just good at both), I was wondering if I could get advice on which would provide me with better job prospects in these fields, and maybe which subsets to take courses on(ie nonlinear control, compressible flow).

Thank you for the advice!

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Hey. I believe it depends on your "studying and research" interest. .. I mean that if you like the science behind dynamics and control then focus on this field, believe me it would be much more fun and tolerable to study an enjoyable class. And as for a research in renewable and sustainable energy you have to know exactly what you are interested in. For example if you like to do rresearch in the field of usable radiation energy in a solar collector or how to transfer heat energy efficiently then you'll probably not need to know much in the field of dynamics and control.

However, if you love dynamics and control but you want your research to be related to sustainable and renewable energy then you can focus on the control behind the collectors from a thermal perspective and Dynamic one if its moving or rotating. Or maybe you can focus on vibrations energy harvesting

I mean that you should follow your interest and apply your knowledge to your fiepd of interest. As for a career I do not have any idea as I'm still a student....

Good luck

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Thanks for the advice! I definitely agree with following my interests. I'm actually interested in both controls and fluids! Since I'm interested in both has made choosing 1, if I end up needing to, a little bit harder.


I know there are jobs that will apply fluids or controls to the industry, but its hard to figure out how many jobs. It seems to me like control engineers are in much higher demand and perhaps the only people looking for experts in fluids are out of the norm and the ones trying to achieve especially precise analyses. 


I'm curious if that is true in these industries, but even for engineering jobs in general. Are control engineers more sought after than "flow specialists?" Maybe one is less sought after and hence you need a Phd to be sought after in one of the fields as a specialist but a masters is good enough for the other?



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