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Singapore or Georgia State?

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Dear all,


First of all I can't believe I will have the chance to start a thread in this sub-forum due to my poor GPA for my bachelor - <2.50. Many doubt I can even get any PhD in my life, however, I did it. Long story short, and this GPA issue made my decision even harder. 


#1 - National University of Singapore (Full Time Research Assistant job appointment)


- will work in the field of neurodegeneration, new section in the country with experienced researchers recruited around the globe. Anticipating a huge amount of funding with few competitors within the institute.


- research interests greater align than option 2. But still not exactly tho.

- I like the country, intended to apply for PR.


- colleagues are nice, especially my future direct supervisor. I flew there and have met them face to face for a few times.


- this is a job, with intention (me and my supervisor) to pursue/change to PhD, but nothing concrete yet. I am worrying about my GPA.


- more funded, since i don't need to worry about whatever fee except living cost.


- four hours flight back home with more than 20 flights everyday.


- only cost me 3 years if I do my PhD here 




#2 - Georgia State University (Direct PhD)


- Full tuition waiver, 20K/yr stipend, TA-ship 3.6K/yr, no teaching requirement for the first year


- 3K mandatory fee/yr

- will work in the field of cancer immunology. 


- i don't think i will stay in US for long after I attained the degree. I haven't paid any visit to Atlanta tho.


- with hall stay, i don't need to be troubled by housing. meal plan provided as well.


- boss would be a pushy young PI. I can foresee a much easier life in Singapore when compared to this.


- 3 rotations or stick with POI's to save up a year



Addition information: I am 28, my life partner is studying in back home. We are stable and she advocates whatever I pick. I would like to stay in academic research for my life course. And actually I have no idea the funding in option 2 would provide me with what kind of life in Atlanta.




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Is Ga that bad, or Atlanta?


Nope, Singapore is just that beautiful! Of course, I also assume that Georgia would be major culture shock for someone coming from HK. Especially compared to Singapore.

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  • 2 years later...

I had no idea it has been 2 years and now I am doing my PhD in NUS, although self financed and "funded" by my same full time appointment accepted 2 years ago. The only thing I want to add is the concern over cultural shock. Maybe it is only me, the cultural shock I have had (or still having) by staying in SG would have been the same or nothing much less than that if I have gone to the State. I realised that this message would be enormously useful to hk-er, and that I would add one more sentence for the other fellows - cultural shock is something depends on you and your mentality than anything else. That is, do not expect a lower cultural shock of a move from Wisconsin to New York than a move from the State to China.

Although I have no regret in my decision. Not because of what had happened but the journey itself.

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