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offer after 15th, April


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Hi guys.


I have a tricky question. I've got an offer from a school. It's a very good school for me, but it's not my top choice for personal reason. Let's call this school "A school". 


I am still waiting for the decision from another school which is my top choice but an officer in that school said that it might be possible for me to receive the offer later than 15th April...and this is the "school B"


If I don't receive the offer before then, I have to accept the offer from A school.


Then...if...though the possibility is small...I receive the offer from the school B, what should I say to the A school? It's really complicated.. but I think this happens every year for some students.


Any advice?  Thanks! 

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i don't know any specific examples of this in chemistry, but a friend of mine in aerospace engineering was in this situation and ended up attending school B. it's not going to make school A happy, but i doubt many of the faculty will hold a grudge if there's a substantial difference in program prestige. now, if you do this sort of thing between caltech and mit, or berkeley and stanford.... then proceed with caution.

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