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Penn or Brown?


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Wow you got a hell of admits. Personally I would go for Georgia Tech ;)

On your question: I would choose UPenn over Brown (nicer location, better overall ranking, bigger department afaik).

But I am an international application, so what do I know?

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Did you just say "nicer location"?! :o I love Providence!!


I only know anything about Brown from a UG perspective, not a grad one. But I know that it's very progressive, considered the most liberal of the ivy's in particular, and everyone I know who went there (like 2 people lol) absolutely loved it.


But grad experiences are unique! When in doubt choosing between programs, I say go with the more highly regarded POI, with some kind of weight based on alternatives (if there's only 1 amazing POI vs 2 good ones, go to the place with 2 good ones).


Good luck! ^__^

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Riah: Both are good school, but we would need more information about your research interest to talk about program fit, which is really what you should be looking for at the moment... 

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