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Florida State University, Fall 2014


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Hi all! I'm joining FSU this fall. Are there others on this forum joining FSU as well? I thought it would be nice if we could discuss a few things about the university and Tallahassee in general. I'm joining the Statistics department by the way. Any info regarding the place, campus and city life is welcome. :) Most of the blogs about Tallahassee seems to be quite a few years old. I'm sure it would be a great help for all of us joining FSU to know about the place, like safe neighborhoods near the campus, frequency of public transport, and how difficult life can be without a car :/

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Hi! I'll be starting at LSU this fall as well -- French department.


I second the request for information if anyone can help out -- I'm moving to Tallahassee from MI and have never even visited the city, so any info/recommendations are appreciated.  :) 

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Hey guys! I went to FSU for undergrad, so fire away any questions you have!


Plenty of people go carless in Tallahassee - FSU has a pretty decent free bus system. It only goes to certain apartment complexes, so if you decide to go this route you will probably be living near undergrads. I think there are city buses as well but I don't think it's a super great public transportation system outside of FSU. Here is the FSU bus system: http://transportation.fsu.edu/maps/seminole-express If you click the real-time link you can see a map of where the buses go. It's definitely way nicer to have a car, but I know lots of people who didn't for a few years and were fine.


I had lots of fun in Tallahassee but it's definitely a college town, despite the presence of the capital. I would say avoid living south of campus for safety. I never felt unsafe really anywhere but property theft definitely does happen. Like many college towns, the farther away you live, the less undergrads will be around. So it just depends what you're looking for. I happen to prefer renting individually owned townhomes/houses rather than apartment complexes but if you have a preference I might be able to make some suggestions. Cost of living is generally really inexpensive and housing is pretty easy to find, but it definitely helps to look earlier. Killearn would be the really nice area (but farther out and pricier) where a lot of the professors live. There's a lot of restaurants/bars/shopping on N Monroe St and Thomasville Rd and that area is a pretty cool place to live, especially if you want to be near the interstate.  If you don't want to have a car, I might be able to give some better recommendations if you have a price range? I lived in the Timbers on White Dr for a couple of years. The townhouse was older but huge and pretty inexpensive, and there were quite a few grad students in the area. It was biking distance but probably not walking, and the bus stopped over that way. It's not that close to many places you might want to hang out outside of school though.


Happy to answer any other questions!

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@ SHolmes,


As far as housing is concerned, cheaper the better. :) I'd like to keep the prices below 400-450$ per head if I share my apartment with someone(probably 2 bedroom 1 bathroom, etc) . I would prefer to live close to campus. I have no problem with noisy neighborhood. I am not sure what other cons are there with living in a neighborhood filled with undergrads.

One of my seniors currently stays somewhere in Heritage Park.

Also I was worried regarding cars because I heard getting groceries can be inconvenient without cars. Thank you for your response though, it was very helpful.

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Groceries are inconvenient for sure, but there is a bus system that goes to the Publix closest to campus. It's on Ocala Rd if you want to look at housing closer to it. At that price range I would look at places off of Jackson Bluff or Belle Vue. That's the less safe part of town but I know plenty of people who live there happily without any problems. If you want cheap AND close there's gotta be some trade off. I know some people who live in Indian Oaks and like it. That area is really close to the football stadium if you are interested in sports at all! Another one thats actually not in that area but might be closer to your department is Richard Place (On Brevard St). You might have to live with more than one roommate there though, I'm not sure.


Both Indian Oaks and Richard Place are relatively quiet. Call Street is another popular area to live if you want to walk to school but it's pricier and way louder. Keep in mind that FSU is a huge party school and when you live in real dense undergrad areas it's going to be REALLY noisy. From Call St I could hear AJs (a bar) playing music until 3 am pretty much Thursdays-Saturdays.

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I've been accepted into FSU's stat's grad program and would like your opinion. What do you think about your time there so far? Where have you seen other students go? Are there good research opportunities for master's students that want to move on to a PhD in neuroscience (particularly, imaging) or complex systems?


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