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International students, VISA question

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Hey guys, I got a grad offer from umd but I did not get my official approval. The problem is that I cannot get my i20 document before my official approval and im afraid to be late for applying fir a visa.. any help or advice?

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When does your course start? in any case you can't apply for the visa earlier than 120 days before the beginning of your studies in the US, so you still have time. I don't know how it works for your university, but for mine, once I accepted the offer my department asked that I submitted a couple of documents proving that I have the financial resources to cover for the costs of the course, as well as a translation of those documents. Once I did that they sent me the I-20 form by mail. The whole process was quite quick, the longest will probably to wait for the i-20 form to arrive via mail! 


You can always contact the international affairs office of your university, they should be able to help you out and explain how this work for your university.


Good luck!


P.-S. I'll be going to your city this summer to improve my Arabic :-)

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Thank you ebnrushd and german student, I will contact the international office and ask them about the VISA forms .


Ebnrushd when are you coming to Jordan?

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