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Need serious Help - From someone have been there


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Hi all , 


Thank you for reading this message and deciding to share your experience. Please don't speculate , I need someone who really experienced a similar situation . 


I am still on the UNOFFICIAL WAIT LIST.  I am not denied admission as I ve been told by the admission advisor of a University A, However my application was not picked up by any PI and the admission decision depends strongly on the common student-professor interest. ( THOUGH THEY CLEARLY STATE THAT U GET ADMITTED AND THEN U PICK UR PI )

That typically mean I am on the road to rejection unless A miracle happens.

So I decided not wait for miracles I ve sent emails for PIs expressing my interest and the good news they seems like they are interested in me , Now the professors are asking if I was admitted to the university. 

If an answer them by NO and I haven't been picked up by anyone it might deter the PI . 

I ve sent the admission officer an email to ask them about their admission policy , they did not reply yet. I am confused and I dont know what do do . 

I really need help.

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