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Yeah! That looks like an awesome class. 'Desire, Well-Being, and Death' and 'Self, Time, and Narrative' also look awesome!


You jerks are getting all the good classes!


I've probably also told both of you, but Bill Bristow is - to borrow an apt description I once heard - a real mensch and his seminars rock. So take one if you get the chance.


For some advice whose application is less immediate, I've heard the the professor who has inherited the writing workshops was horrified when hardly anyone had a writing sample draft ready at the beginning of last semester. I think the department plans to get a little more hard-nosed about that, so make sure to use next summer to prepare a draft for the writing workshop. 


Finally, front-load your seminar requirements. I think you need to take four seminars total. If you front-load them, you have more freedom to schedule flexibly in the second year when you have other demands like your writing sample and thesis.

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Well I don't know if it counts as "wisdom" per se, but I do have some opinions I'll share. First of all, Monadology is totally right. And yes to Bill! He's so awesome!


Other points: I think UWM is probably great preparation for doctoral programs; there is A LOT of work. Absolutely make sure to stay on top of things and don't fall behind! Definitely start thinking about your writing sample over the summer after your first year and do some preliminary work, at least.


Additionally, though this may be an odd thing to hear right after getting in, UWM stessed when I was there that it's because of the high caliber of the students who go through the program that their placement record is so good (which it really is). They told the group of us starting our second year that there is no magic forumula for placing people. You just have to work really hard and do your best possible work and that will determine (at least in part) your success with doctoral applications.


I found my time there extremely helpful and stressful. I have no idea if other graduates feel the same way. That said, I'm glad I went because I learned a ton and I got to work with a lot of fabulous professors and fellow students. Best of luck!

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