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Hey I'm a novice in research and wants to know what is the procedure to submit my abstract to a journal?

I'm done with my abstract and will need a month to write full paper, is there a journal which can first read my abstract and then after that i will submit my paper if they confirm?Thanks 

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This sounds like something very field dependent, but in my experience you need to submit a full manuscript to a journal to be considered, and submission of abstracts only is for conferences.


Different journals will have different weird requirements, such as formatting, style, and even word count. They'll also have different perspectives and types of work that they tend to publish. IME it's a good idea to pick a journal you think would be interested in your work and write the manuscript with your audience in mind. This will determine, for example, how much background you need to give in your introduction and where to focus your discussion. In my department, it's common to submit a paper to a "reach" journal first, so even if you don't get in you'll get reviewer comments from the top journal in the field as a consolation prize.


Other faculty that you and your advisor know are a good audience for just your abstract, to help you decide where to submit the manuscript and give advice on the framing of your problem.

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I was told to figure out if a journal fits by seeing if you could cite articles from it (you don't have to) or if recently published articles could cite you. If you have to force it, it doesn't fit.

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