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Hi Friends,


I got admits from following universities for Fall 2014


CSULB -  MS in Computer Science

UMB - MS in Computer Science

and SJSU MS in Software Engineering.


I have following questions:


1)Which one have better ranking based on the departments where I got in ?


2)Which of them will have more opportunities for internship after first semester ?


3) I'll be an out-of-state student to all of them so which university do you think will be more affordible ?


4) Which university have better infrastructure ?




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I don't know what "UMB" stands for... but I am a big fan of SJSU and strongly considered attending SJSU for a different program.


SJSU is in the heart of the Silicon Valley, which is fantastic for networking, job placement and summer internships. San Jose is an expensive place to live, but I think it will be worth it because once you graduate, jobs in software have great pay.


I'm native to Los Angeles (where CSULB is located), and while I love LA, Silicon Valley is much better suited for the computer/software industry.


I can't speak to the infrastructure of either schools.


Lastly, because SJSU and CSULB are in the same school system, I can't imagine their total costs will differ by a lot.

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