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F1 Visa Question help

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Hello Everyone,

I have posted this question on the 'Banks' thread but would still like to know what you guys think and if you have faced a similar situation.

I have my I20 which shows proof for 1st year funds (assistantship + $4057 sponsored by my father). When I read the I 20, the financial section states that I need to show evidence of proof of funds for entire course of the program(2 years).

My assitantship letter states that, 'Pending available funds, the assistantship is renewable for the 2nd year, provided you remain in good standing and receice positive feedback from the writing faculty'.

I have read about students whose Visas have been rejected because the Visa Officer was not satisfied with the answer provided by them regarding proof of finance for the 2nd year. So I am freaking out.

In case my assistantship is not renewed for the 2nd year (which I don't think will happen), my parents will be able to fund the 2nd year of study. But the problem is we do not have $36, 000 in the bank right now to show as proof for 2nd year. In 1 year getting that amount won't be a problem we have several options like selling one of the properties or taking a loan etc. Although its possible to take out a loan right now, I am afraid that it will delay my visa process plus I feel like its premature to take out a loan now when there is no reason to believe that my assistantship won't be renewed for a 2nd year.

My question: Is it absolutely necessary to show the $36, 000 as proof for 2nd year when my I 20 states that I have enough funds for the 1st year?

Sorry for the long post.

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